101 in 1001

Have you heard of the 101 in 1001 Project or Day Zero Project?  The challenge is basically to complete 101 specific tasks within 1001 days.  Not quite long term enough to be a “bucket list” but just long enough to be able to realistically complete a few things.

1001 days is about 2.75 years.  When I first heard about the challenge, I stated thinking about the fact that 30 is creeping up on me.  In some sort of a cosmic coincidence, I first read about the project with 1,555 days before I turned 30.  I felt like this was the universe giving me a sign.  Hence my 155 things in 1,555 day modification.

There are some things I’d ideally like to see happen before 30, such as getting married and having a kid or two, but they’re pretty dependent on others *coughNcough*.  I don’t want to put too much undue pressure on others not involved in this challenge though, so I’ve left those off the list.  I’ll blog about everything as the tasks are completed, or at least those that are worth blogging about!

So here it is–155 things in 1,555 days– or “How I got off my ass and got shit done before I turned 30”

Start Date: July 13, 2013

End Date: October 15, 2017

Work that Body

1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge

2. 30 Days of no processed or fast food

3. Fit into size 6 jeans

4. Participate in Aguatober

5. Do a mud run

6. 30 Day Whole Living Challenge

7. Kick the addiction–to caffeine, that is  (completed November 2013)

8. Take an adult ballet class

9. Hit goal weight (I’ll let you know if I actually hit that amount!)

10. Start and finish either P90X or Insanity

11. Buy a bike

12. Try TRX

13. Complete a C25K program

14. Try juicing

Bloggy Blog

15. Learn Photoshop (take a Blogshop class?)

16. Attend a blog conference

17. Have 20 blog followers

18. Comment on 15 difference blogs that I follow

19. Have a photoshoot done for head shots, etc for social media

20. Have 100 unique daily visitors

21. Learn how to use Illustrator (completed October 2013)

22. Inspire someone else to complete the challenge (have I inspired you?  Let me know!)

23. Make $1 from my blog

24. Take 10 ALT classes

25. Participate in NaBloPoMo

26. Become a Yelp! Elite member 


27. Take a road trip (it only counts if it is more than one day’s drive in each direction)

28. Swim with dolphins

29. Do a Napa winery tour

30. Go Indoor Skydiving

31. Go ice skating in Bryant Park or Rockefeller Center

32. Go surfing

33. Celebrate my birthday in a different country

34. Fly First Class for a flight longer than an hour

35. Take a yearly mother-daughter-niece trip

36. Take my niece to Disneyworld

37. Eat at 5 different restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives (Cemitas Puebla [Aug 2013])

38. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

39. Drink Butter Beer at Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

40. Travel via train (subway or the El don’t count)

41. Get 2 new stamps in my passport

42. A-Z Travel Challenge

43. Attend a Food & Wine Festival

44. Take a segway tour

45. See the sunrise in Bar Harbor, Maine (first place in the continental US that the sun reaches)

Living in a Material World…

46. buy a Louis Vuitton

47. find the perfect LBD

48. buy 10 new coffee table books

49. Re-sole Aldo boots

50. buy all of the Disney Princess movies

Help a brotha out…

51. Volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity build day

52. Send 100 handwritten notes

53. Leave 25 Operation Beautiful notes

54. Donate to a different charity each month

55. Leave a 100% tip for a great waitress

56. Send $10 to 5 random people that I don’t know

57. Attend a fancy charity gala

58. Donate 10,000 grains of rice on freerice.com

59. Knit a scarf and send it to a random reader

60. Help N finish off the basement

61. Go on a Mission or Volunteer trip

62. Send flowers to 3 people (with or without reason)

63. Leave 50 random Post-It notes

64. Buy a round at the bar and include strangers

65. Bring 10 random treats to work (Christmas Cookies 2013!)

66. Volunteer with Girls on the Run


67. Pay off student loans

68. Save $15,000

69. Save $20 for every task completed (doesn’t count toward task 68)

70. Brown bag lunch every day for a month

When you say Wisconsin…

71. Throw a dart at a map of Wisconsin and spend a weekend exploring

72. Attend a Badger Hockey game from the student section

73. Attend a Badger Basketball game from the student section

74. Do a tour of the Miller Brewery

75. Do a tour of the New Glarus Brewery

76. Run Crazylegs

77. Try 15 different Wisconsin craft beers

78. Make and use a Madison Restaurant Passport to try new restaurants

79.Go to Galaxy Bingo at Ho-Chunk

80. Attend a Bowl Game or B1G Championship (that the Badgers are playing in)

81. Try 8 different Madison Food Carts (Banzo, Slide)

Where a kid can be a kid…

82. Build a sandcastle

83. Re-read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books

84. Build a snowman

85. Take niece to Medieval Times

Just Do it

86. Go paintballing

87. Take a trapeze class

88. Submit to Post Secret

89. Create something to be sold on Etsy

90. Digitize childhood photos

91. Go snowboarding

92. Go sailing (on Lake Mendota?  In the Caribbean?)

93. 365 project

94. Make a coffee table book of the 365 project photos

95. Buy a sewing machine and make something with it

96. Shoot a legitimate photography session for someone

97. Finish watching LOST

98. Wash my car every 2 weeks for a year

99. Try geocaching

100. Get a Madison library card

101. Watch a different production of Nutcracker every Christmas (2013: San Francisco)

102. Ride a mechanical bull

103. Go to brunch at 20 different places

104. Make the bed every day for two weeks (September 2013)

105. Plant a lilac bush

106. Organize Girl’s Weekend every season

107. Eliminate clutter from iPod

108. Organize monthly Girl’s Night

109. Go on a picnic

110. Come up with 365 Awesome Things

111. Go to a wine/painting studio event

112. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go


113. Host a Pinterest Party

114. Send personalized holiday cards (Christmas or a random holiday)

115. Host a Kentucky Derby Party

116. Host 5 board game nights

Keep Learning

117. Read 50 new books

118. How to drive stick shift

119. Finish a NY Times Crossword

120. Take a flower arranging class

121. Take a pottery class

122. Re-learn US capitals

123. Be able to identify countries in Europe and Asia on a map

124. Read 2nd Harry Potter book in Spanish

125. Watch 10 TED Talks

126. Take an intensive cooking/design seminar

127. Watch 5 movies in Spanish


128. Make Lobster Bisque (December 2013 with Christmas leftovers!)

129. Make pollo con mole

130. Make sourdough from scratch

131. Bake 10 different kinds of cupcakes

132. Make drunk gummy bears

133. Make creme brulee

134. Make 10 wildtree meals that aren’t freezer meals

135. Make lobster/crab (Christmas 2013!)

136. Make Thanksgiving dinner

You’re so vain…

137. Take a legit stay-cation

138. Go on 2 date nights a month with N

139. Keep fresh flowers in the house for 1 month straight

140. Take photos for a daily yearbook

141. Visit a dry bar

142. Keep fingernails filed, painted and un-chewed for one month

143. Wear heels every day for a week

144. Wear a skirt/dress once a week for two months

145. Wear lipstick every day for 2 weeks

146. Get bi-weekly manicures for 2 months

147. Write a letter to myself to open on 39th birthday

148. Get monthly massages for a year

149. Celebrate 50% completion with a bottle of good champagne

150. Go salsa dancing


Ok, so the last few are secrets.  I’m still not sure I want them totally out there for the entire world to see and since I’m doing this for me and not anyone else, well they’re underwraps for now.  If they are accomplished, perhaps they’ll be shared….


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