Glow, girl.

I’ve struggled with acne for as long as I can remember.  Well, maybe not that long, but for a fair majority of the 26 years I’ve been breathing.  I’ve tried everything.  I never once thought that what I was putting into my body might make a difference.

Growing up my grandma would always say it was because I ate too much chocolate.  “I break out whenever I eat chocolate,” she would proclaim.  Yet I never saw a breakout so I never believed her.  Stop eating chocolate?  Not a chance.

My dad would always say it was Coca-Cola that caused zits.  Not Pepsi.  Certainly not my lifeblood (Mountain Dew).

Honestly, I thought it was all bologna.  All of my friends had very similar diets (at least publicly….some of them had parents who didn’t just let there be free reign on food) and none of them were spotty and gross looking.

Quick, name an acne fighting “system”.  Unless it was prescription, I tried it.  Accuvue.  A joke.  Clinique.  Yeah, right.  My parents were self-employed, though, so our health insurance wasn’t the greatest and therefore a trip to a dermatologist was out of the question.

I wasn’t always looking like a 13 year old boy.  Once I finally got on the pill it went in waves.  I certainly had disgusting outbreaks, and then it would subside.  Oh, but then I got a super cool promotion at work–full of stress and stuff, you know the drill–and I gained 30 pounds in about 9 months.  Yep, there went the stability of my skin.  With my hormones out of whack, my skin hated me.

Here I was, 25 years old.  Face so greasy that no matter what I used, I could use one of those oil blotting sheets and completely “fill it up” even minutes after washing my face.  It was disgusting.  I’d have breakdowns in front of the mirror.  I switched face washes to something specific for oil control and had a horrible allergic reaction.  Not only did I have the worst acne breakout in several years, but I had a lovely red, bumpy rash over parts of my face and my neck.  My nose was actually peeling from it.  And I was in NYC celebrating my 26th birthday.  I don’t think there is a single picture of me actually in the city.

About two weeks later a friend decided on a whim to do a Whole 30.  It lined up perfectly to be done days before Thanksgiving.  I jumped that bandwagon and decided to give it a try as well.  While I only lasted until day 7, my skin had never been clearer.

Just shortly before this scenario played out I had realized that the only way I was going to make a change in my life was by fully making the change–no more processed crap.  Let’s get rid of the motto of “Ya gotta die of something, someday” and get my body thriving on whole foods.  The discovery of Wildtree products changed my life as well.  Eating healthy no longer needed to be a chore where I spent my entire day planning and cooking.  I could make a healthy meal in 10 minutes if I spent two hours a month prepping meals.


Since I didn’t finish the Whole30, I never went back through the “re-integration” process.  I don’t know if it’s the dairy, the gluten, or the sugar (or maybe a combination) that did it.  I do know that I started the Whole30 because I picked up on the fact that my terribly upset stomachs coincided with eating lots of pasta or bread.  It’s amazing the way the universe works to align everything at once.