Wildtree Wednesday: Egg Nog Chai Bread Pudding


We had some awesome visitors staying with us the week before Thanksgiving.  It’s not often that we have visitors, nor that we have visitors who appreciate good cooking, so I knew it was a time to pull out all the punches.  They were pretty busy visiting others, so the only meal that was open was breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.  I’m not a huge breakfast person but I knew this would be solid gold.

The recipe comes from The Kitchn, a website full of great recipes and cooking tips.

I wanted to Wildtree this one out–our guests were new to Wildtree and I knew they’d love it.  I also was on a personal mission to find more ways to use Wildtree’s Chai Bread.  Done and done.

It sounds fancy shmancy and tastes that way as well.  But it’s easy.  Like, I just played Cards Against Humanity and helped polish off 3 bottles of wine and lots of beer before throwing this together, easy.  Though, it was a reminder to always read through a recipe fully before starting…I didn’t plan out the pre-buttering of the bread nor the fact that I had to essentially create a double boiler.  But, it was also a reminder that being resourceful in the kitchen is an awesome trait and we made it work.

When we made it, we did a mixture of french bread and Wildtree’s Chai Bread.  The Chai bits were better than the regular, so I definitely recommend going all in on the Chai and forgetting about the French.  I was hesitant because I thought the flavor would be too full with everything, but it definitely wasn’t.

Lastly, it makes, a lot.  Four grown adults and a baby barely put a dent in it.  I’d definitely recommend cutting the recipe in half unless you’re feeding an army.


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