Body Image–The new “fat”???

The interwebs is currently blowing up with this Cosmo image of a “Plus-Sized Model”.


This beautiful woman is a size 8 and looks FAB.U.LOUS.  (Also, where can I get that bikini top???!)

What has our society come to that we would call a size 8 “plus sized”?  Size 8 is the second “goal” on my way to becoming healthy.  I haven’t been that size since college and starting my “big girl job”.  When I reach that point, there will be a party.  A big, fat, party.  Seriously.

But until then, am I seriously supposed to feel that I am incredibly obese as a size 12/14???  Sure, by the standard BMI I’m overweight.  But I’m not obese.  But if size 8 is “fat”, call me an elephant.

How can we let girls grow up this way, seeing this as “fat”.  Why should size 0 be the ideal?  Why can’t we tell girls that size 8 is fit and healthy?  Why can’t this be the ideal?

The average woman in America is a size 14.  Sure, that doesn’t say much when we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic.  But that means that most women will never meet the “minimum” that we call fat.  Think about that.

This photo waltzed into my life just at the right time–as I begin my journey to become fit and healthy with a wonderful new community of friends at IIN.  I will absolutely make it my goal to look like that rather than the size 0 models that we’re bombarded with in the media all the time. I not only want to obtain this for myself, I want to help teach women (and girls) that fit is better than famished.

What do you think?


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