About Me

I’m a 26 year old Sconnie, who spends my days being yelled at by belligerent customers in two languages at my current job and selling Wildtree natural foods on the side.  I like long walks on the beach (for serious) and driving my 2008 VW Eos, “Veronica”, with the top down.  While I enjoy the way that snow looks as it falls from the sky, I loathe winter—I’m a warm weather girl trapped in the heart of the frozen tundra.

My hobbies include reading (my boyfriend says it’ll put ideas in my head), planning my dream wedding/house/closet on Pinterest (I’m pretty sure Martha Stewart and I are long lost sisters), cooking (my boyfriend fully supports this habit), and napping (anyone else up for making this an Olympic sport?).  I’ve recently discovered that I have a passion for nutrition and am leaping at the chance to learn all I can through studying with Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

If there wasn’t a need to be an adult and the entire world decided to just make everything free—or if I stumbled across a Sugar Daddy willing to provide me with his AmEx Black Card—I’d spend all of my time traveling.  There is nothing quite like sitting down at a restaurant only to find that not only can you not read the menu.  The primal communication that occurs when you do not share a common language in a foreign country is terrifying, humbling, and gratifying, all at the same time.

I have an affinity for hurting myself in the most creative accidents ever—concussion while sitting on the couch, anyone?  I easily fit in as “one of the guys” and am a huge girly girl all at the same time


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