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Hey guys!


I have updated to having a real website.  Please be patient while it finishes being set up.  You can check it out at www.glamgirlglow.com!!!!




Other than laying on this beach, here is what I’m currently craving from around the interwebs….

These black bean and quinoa burgers….

These Reese’s Seven Layer Bars….

This lobster…I can feel it melting in my mouth

These strawberry and chocolate dessert nachos…..

This “safe” berry cheesecake

This clean alternative to my everything bagel addiction…

This curry and cheese dip….

This grilled steak and gorgonzola pizza with balsamic reduction….

Battle of Good vs Evil

Do you ever have those days where you know you need to work out but there is an epic battle in your head between good and evil…and evil wins?  What about those days where your head seems glue to the pillow?

This is one of my biggest struggles.  I know I need to work out.  I want to work out.  I know that my goals will be met if I work out.

And yet, I don’t.  I make excuses– I need to cook dinner, I have “work” to do (which usually means I haven’t gotten sick of browsing Pinterest yet…which then results in searching “Health & Fitness” for another hour guilting myself for not working out).

I’ve heard wonderful things about motivation boards.  I’ve made the components of one before, but I quit before it ever got up.  (That’s another strange thing–I hate failure and I hate quitting, and yet it’s all I’ve ever done with regards to working out).

I think it’s time to start again.  Here are some of my current bits of inspiration:

I love the weight count down and using an actual bikini to work up to here.  I’m scared to buy a “future” bikini though–what if it never fits or I skip past that size?!  Living in Wisconsin it’s not like I’m living in biknis all the time.

I love how colorful this one is.  And having an actual section for a reward is a great idea.  I think healthy treats or workout clothes are great motivation and rather than hinder your goal, they help!

I love the positive affirmation aspect of this one.  So much of motivation and reaching fitness goals (or really, any goal) is psychological.  Positive thinking can be so hard sometimes, but if you are reminded of it over and over, you start to believe it.

I’ve started a Pinterest Board just for motivation board ideas.  Feel free to browse and see what inspires you.

How do you stay motivated?  Do you have any tricks to help you meet your goals and stay in the game?  Let me know–I’m always looking for new tricks!

Walking Dead Workout

Anyone else as stoked as I am for the Walking Dead to return tomorrow?

The mid-season finale left so many strands just hanging–I want to know what happened NOW.

I’ve found a number of these workouts posted on line.  They’re like your classic drinking game.  But why waste those calories when you could crush a workout during it instead?!

I’m not sure which one I’ll go with yet– maybe I’ll rotate every week.  Here are three that I found though:


compliments of BloodSweatAndCheers.com


Compliments of Accountablogity.com

Last, but not least…

Thanks to Anytime Fitness

How do you plan to celebrate?

Advanced Cooking 101

I’d consider myself a pretty good cook.  Not only can I make a mean Hamburger Helper, I can do the fancy stuff too.  Boeuf Bourguignon? Easy peasy (well, as long as you remember that you just had this pan in the oven for hours and don’t grab onto the handle burning your entire hand…)  Risotto?  Mastered it.  Lobster Bisque? Way easier than it seems.

I’m like a fish out of water, though, when I’m trying to make the easy stuff.  Minute Rice is like one of the easiest “college” foods to make, right?  Yep, I turn it into soup every time.  Don’t get me wrong, I have mastered the real stuff–I’ve even made perfect sticky rice for Pork Tonkatsu Donburi.  Hard boiled eggs?  Perfect if you only want to eat the yolk.  If you were interested in eating the white, well, tough luck, because it’s all ending up in the garbage with the shell.

That is until I discovered Nom Nom Paleo.  Seriously.  This blog and their respective cookbook has changed my life.  I had long ago given up on having hard boiled eggs until I came across this.  I had some old eggs so I figured why not give it a try.  I have now made about 2 dozen hard boiled eggs with this method and the vast majority of them have turned out perfectly.  Epic win.

What do you struggle with cooking?  I always like to challenge myself in the kitchen–maybe Minute rice will be the next mountain I climb!

Wildtree Wednesday {Crockpot Applesauce}

I really enjoy grocery shopping at Super Target.  I think it’s because for the most part, the quality of the product is better than the other grocery store near me and for the most part they have a good organic selection.  I bought a bag of organic Granny Smith organic apples (because they’re one of the “Dirty Dozen” that you should always buy in organic).

Unfortunately, they were rock hard and I could barely bite through them despite the great flavor.  So what is a girl to do?  Turn lemons into lemonade (errrr apples into applesauce, as it were).

It couldn’t get much easier than this–core, peel and chop the apples.  Put in crockpot.  Add a bit o’ water and about a tablespoon of Wildtree Oatmeal Mix-In: Sugar and Spice.  I did 3 apples to about 1/4 cup of water.  Cook on high for about 3 hours and then mash til you get to your desired consistency.

I’ve heard it’s ah-mah-zing on top of oatmeal (crockpot overnight oats anyone?) and just plain.  I can’t wait to have it as my afternoon snack tomorrow.